Product FAQs


Can I blend hot liquids?

When working with hot liquids, remove filler cap and start blending at a low speed. Then, move to a faster speed. DO NOT add liquid over the 4-cup mark.

Can my blender parts go in the dishwasher?

The feeder cap, lid, jar, sealing ring and blades are dishwasher-safe.

How should I store my blender?

After cleaning, reassemble blade to jar with sealing ring and threaded jar bottom. Store blender with cover ajar to prevent container odor.

How do I assemble the jar and blade?

  1. Turn the jar upside down so the small opening is at the top.
  2. Place sealing ring over jar opening.
  3. Place blade into jar.
  4. Place threaded jar nut over blade and jar. Place the threaded jar nut on jar and turn it clockwise to tighten.
  5. Place jar assembly onto base.

How do I clean my VillaWare™ Blender?

When the VillaWare™ Blender is not in use, please wipe the outside of unit with warm water or stainless steel appliance cleaner, then wipe and dry. IMPORTANT: Unplug before cleaning base and do not immerse the blender base in water or any other liquids. Use a damp, soft sponge with mild detergent to clean the outside of the blender base and control panel. All parts except for the blender base are dishwasher-safe. Place sealing ring in bottom basket of dishwasher. You can also wash the parts in warm, soapy water. Rinse well and dry.

How do I crush ice?

To ensure great results when crushing ice, please follow the steps below:

  1. Feed in 1-3 cubes of ice at a time, making sure not to put too much ice into the jar.
  2. Use the "PULSE" or "LIQUEFY" features.
  3. Add 1-cup of liquid into the blender jar.

How do I know if I need to use a higher speed?

This blender has been designed to gently process foods when operating at low speeds. If blades do not rotate during operation, simply choose a higher speed.

How do I remove the blade from the jar of my VillaWare™ Blender?

To release the blades from the bottom of the blender jar, turn counterclockwise. If necessary, use the feeder cap as a tool to help remove the blades.

How do I use the infinity speed dial?

The infinity dial ramps up to speeds from low to high as you rotate the knob clockwise, stopping it at the speed you like.

How do I use the pulse feature?

The "PULSE" setting momentarily activates the blender at HIGH speed. You may also continuously move the Control Knob to "PULSE". To pulse, turn the Control Knob counterclockwise to "PULSE" to activate a momentary high speed. The blender will run at high speed as long as you hold the knob. The motor will stop when you release the knob.

My blender turns on, but why doesn't the blade rotate?

If the blade is not turning, make sure the jar is seated properly on the base of the unit.

What if my blender jar is leaking?

If your blender jar is leaking, check the following:

  1. Is the sealing ring over the blade?
  2. Is the threaded bottom cap on tight enough?
  3. Is the jar cracked at the bottom?
  4. Is the threaded bottom cap cracked?
  5. Is the sealing ring missing?
  6. Is the sealing ring cracked or broken?
  7. Does the item being blended exceed jar capacity?

When I opened my new blender, there is an extra covering on the blender base. What is the extra covering used for?

This is special netting material to keep your new stainless steel VillaWare™ Blender looking great when you open the box. Please just remove this packing material and discard it.

What shouldn't I blend in my blender?

This blender will not mash potatoes, whip egg whites or substitute dairy toppings, mix stiff dough or grind raw meat.

Why has my blender blade begun to rust?

It is not common for a blender blade to rust. They are made of stainless steel, but if left in water too long they may rust. To avoid rust, carefully dry the blade assembly immediately after washing.

Why won't my VillaWare™ Blender turn on?

If the Blender isn't turning on, check the following:

  1. Is the blender plugged into a working outlet?
  2. Is the jar properly placed on to the base?
  3. Did you turn the knob to either "PULSE "or a speed setting?

Where can I purchase parts for my VillaWare™ Blender?

Parts are available here on this website. Please refer to the parts section or call consumer services at 1-866-484-5529.