Product FAQs

Food Processor

How do I add liquid while processing?

All liquid ingredients should be added through the food chute while unit is processing. Add liquid in a slow, steady stream for even distribution.

How do I assemble the bowl?

Align the base and bowl. Align the bowl arrow with the "UNLOCK" mark on the base. Turn the bowl counterclockwise until it clicks onto the base. The bowl handle should now align with the Control Button on the base.

How do I clean my VillaWare™ Food Processor?

Whenever possible, rinse parts immediately after processing for easy cleanup. Wipe the base, Control Knob and feet with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Stubborn spots can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.

How do I handle the blades and discs?

Handle the chopping blade, slice/shred discs and French Fry cutter carefully; they are very sharp.

What is the spindle used for? This spindle is used to support the discs in the food processor. Place the spindle or disc stem onto the center post of the base. With the desired side facing up (slicing or shredding), push the slice/shred disc onto the disc stem. USE CAUTION when handling disc, blades are extremely sharp.

How do I lock the cover?

Place the cover onto the bowl. Align the arrow mark on the cover and the arrow mark on the bowl. Twist the cover counterclockwise towards the "LOCK" mark until it clicks onto the bowl. The "LOCK" mark on the cover should now align with the "LOCK" mark on the bowl. NOTE: When the cover is locked into position, the safety mechanism on the cover and bowl will align. The unit will not operate if the cover is not locked onto the bowl. Bowl must be locked into base before cover can be locked into position.

How do I open the food chute lid?

Pull side release button out. Pull up the large food pusher. Pull back the food chute lid and large food pusher. NOTE: Before opening food chute lid, turn the unit "OFF" and unplug the cord.

How do I process liquids?

Liquids can be processed in the bowl. Be sure to process small amounts of liquids: 2-cups or less at a time. Larger amounts may leak from the bowl.

How do I use the Control Knob on my VillaWare™ Food Processor?

The Control Knob has 3 settings: "PULSE, ON and OFF."

"PULSE" Setting: the Control Knob must be turned to the left and held for unit to operate. When released, unit will stop. Use "PULSE" for short processing tasks, such as chopping nuts, raw meats or vegetables. This lets you check processed results and control the consistency.

"ON" Setting: When the Control Knob is turned to the right to the "ON" position, unit will run continuously until the Control Knob is turned to the "OFF" position.

"OFF" Setting: Processor should always be left in "OFF" position when not in use.

What if the bowl is not properly in place?

The processor will not operate unless the bowl is properly locked onto the base and the cover is properly locked onto the bowl. DO NOT attempt to operate the unit without the bowl lid, bowl and food chute lid correctly in place. Be sure base is on a flat, dry and clean surface before you begin processing. NOTE: Before you begin, PLEASE BE SURE THAT THE ELECTRIC CORD IS UNPLUGGED.

What should I not process in my food processor?

Do not attempt to chop ice in this food processor; it will damage the bowl and dull the chopping blade. This unit will not whip cream, beat egg whites, grind coffee beans, spices or other items with high oil content. It will not slice or shred hard-cooked eggs, marshmallows or soft cheeses.

Where can I purchase parts for my VillaWare™ Food Processor?

Parts are available here on this website. Please refer to the parts section.